This special edition Casio G-Shock watch tracks your workouts, and comes with an inflatable paddle board

Casio G-Shock watch with neck gaiter and paddle board in box
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has revealed a new special edition G-Shock watch ready for summer, which comes with an inflatable paddle board for adventures on the water. The G-Shock DW-H5600MB-8 is packaged with the board, plus a UV-protective neck gaiter to keep you safe from the sun.

This isn't come cheap and cheerful paddle board, either. As Casio fan site G-Central explains, the set is a collaboration between Casio and US-based company Bote, which specializes in paddle boards, kayaks, floats, micro skiffs, and even floating lounge chairs. 

The watch itself is water-resistant to depths of 200m (making it well suited to watersports like paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkelling), with orange sunset patterns on the black resin strap, which is paired with a black resin case and ion-plated bezel.

Casio G-Shock Bote paddle board with paddle

(Image credit: Casio)

Although it's not a GPS watch, the DW-H5600MB-8 uses its internal accelerometer to monitor runs and walks, providing data including distance, pace, and stride length. An optical heart rate monitor tracks your biometrics as you exercise, and allows the watch to calculate maximum heart rate, cardio load, and provide an estimate of calories burned.

Like most running watches, the DW-H5600MB-8 also tracks sleep to help optimize your post-workout recovery, monitoring sleep stages overnight (based on heart rate and movement), and giving you a score out of 100 in the morning.

The bundle is available exclusively in China for now, priced at 2,090 Chinese Yuan (approximately $300) direct from Casio

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