Trail running with your Garmin watch is about to get a lot easier

Man wearing sports watch running alone mountain ridge
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Garmin is rolling out a new software update for the Forerunner 255 that should make life a lot easier for trail runners. Once you've received software version 14.13, your watch should show you not only which way to go at the next fork, but also how far away that fork is so you don't turn too early or overshoot it.

Garmin NextFork is a feature that debuted with the launch of the Garmin Enduro 2 – one of the best GPS watches around for trail running thanks to its huge screen and extra-long battery life. When you head off-road, it adds the names of trails to the map on the watch face, predicts your path, and forecasts forks even if you're not following a preset course.

If you take a tumble on the trail, the 14.13 update means your Forerunner 255 should now do a better job detecting it and alerting your emergency contacts. Incident detection is an extremely handy feature that can alert an emergency contact if it senses a sudden stop or impact, and sends them a message including your location. It's a great system, but sometimes throws up a false positive that can scare living daylights out of your spouse (ask me how I know).

Pacing and pausing

Other updates included with software version 14.13 include improved calculation of indoor pace for treadmill sessions, and improved auto pause when you're training outdoors (no more feeling obliged to pause manually when waiting at traffic lights).

The new software also lets you scroll along graphs on certain screens, making it easier to check out older data, and fixes a bug that meant some data fields didn't always display correctly.

You can find full details of the update on Garmin's forums. At the time of writing it's rolled out of 60% of watches, so don't worry if yours hasn't received it just yet. If you encounter any glitches or bugs following the update, you can post a report for the company's attention.

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