Your Garmin watch will soon make you better at hill running

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Garmin is preparing an update for your GPS watch that will help you become a better hill runner. The new tool, known as Hill Score, will assess your current performance and training history, and give you straightforward advice on how to shake up your workouts to become better at tackling inclines.

The news comes from the author of the5krunner, who was tipped off by reader @JohnW. It looks as though feedback on your Hill Score will advise you to aim for a mix of high- and low-intensity hill workouts, and encourage you to add more to your routine if you currently tend to stick to the flat. Our guide to the benefits of hill running explains why that's so useful.

Hill Score will track two key metrics: hill endurance, and hill power. Interestingly, it sounds as though there'll be a particular focus on low-intensity hill work, not just charging up inclines as fast as possible (which is how many of us tend to attack hill training).

Check out the5krunner for the full list of training observations you might see on your wrist, based on your training history and performance.

Running up that hill

We don't yet know which Garmin watches will be receiving the update, but it seems like it would be a natural fit for the Fenix and Enduro lines, plus the Forerunner 955 and 965. It may also land on the Forerunner 255 and 265, though I have a feeling that Garmin may prefer to keep it as a perk for higher-end devices.

Hill Score is likely to be of particular interest to trail runners, who routinely find themselves confronted with steep, muddy climbs. Many sports tech companies, including Garmin and Strava, have noticed a real surge in off-road sports over the last couple of years, so it's a logical move.

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