Budget-friendly Valentine's Day gifts for the hiker in your life

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Roses are red, but their fingers are blue. Buy your lover some gloves, and their heart will warm too.

You don't have to splash out on an expensive hiking vacation or even a double sleeping bag to show your love on Valentine's Day. If your partner likes to spend time outdoors, perhaps the best thing is to simply take a hike together this weekend in the nearest green space.

If you'd like to get them a little something though, there are lots of options that show you care, but won't break the bank. If you need some inspiration, here are a few items we'd love to receive from our nearest and dearest, available with next-day delivery.

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Lightweight hiking gloves

The worst of the cold weather may be over for this winter, but your loved one may appreciate a pair of lightweight gloves to keep their hands warm in the spring. There are some great affordable options around, including our current top-rated pair, the Montane Prism Gloves, which are like tiny down jackets for your hands.

When we tested them, we loved the way they pack down to practically nothing, letting us easily stuff them in a pocket. They're soft and warm, and unlike some gloves, they give you precise control over the touchscreen on your phone or GPS watch.

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Camping mug

A really nice insulated camping mug is a great gift that'll warm their heart and their hands, and there are lots of affordable options that perform brilliantly even on frosty February nights. We're particularly fond of the Yeti Rambler 10oz Lowball, which is a neat, compact size and has a handy lid to prevent spills and keep heat in. It comes in lots of cute colors, too.

The Camelbak Horizon Tumbler is a really nice option too, and great for bigger drinks. In our tests it kept our coffee hot for ages, and survived some seriously rough treatment without denting or scuffing. Again, it comes in a wide array of colors so you can pick something to coordinate with your loved one's camping gear.

Also take a look at our guide to the best hot drinks for camping, which includes lots of lovely alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes.

Slowtide Valen Blanket

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Camping blanket

What could be more romantic than cuddling up with your partner under a snug camping blanket after a long day of hiking together? You can easily spend serious cash on a really nice one, but after extensive testing (and napping) we can say that the Valen Fleece Blanket from Slowtide performs just as well as pricier versions.

It's made from recycled materials, with a fun, bright pattern that'll look equally at home at camp or on the sofa. During our tests we found it was big enough for two to snuggle underneath, and the brushed fabric is exceptionally soft.

Buy Valen Fleece Blanket at Slowtide

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Hand warmers

If your loved one tends to get chilly on hikes and gloves alone don't always cut it, a pair of the best hand warmers could be the perfect way to show that you care this Valentine's Day. There are lots of options, including rechargeable electric ones, single-use ones, and ones that contain a gel that can be revived by boiling them after use.

Our favorite all-round is the Lifesystems Rechargeable Hand Warmer XT, which heats up fast and stays warm for up to 14 hours. Unlike some other models it gets warm all the way round, which feels lovely, and during testing we found it smooth and comfortable in the hand. It even doubles as a power bank if you or your partner need to give your phone a quick boost on the move.

Personally, I also like the Highlander Reusable Hand Warmers Gel Pads, which are filled with a gel that goes through an exothermic (heat-generating) reaction when you bend a little metal coin inside the pouch. There's no need to plug them in to recharge. As long as you can boil a pot of water at camp, they'll be ready to go again on your next adventure.

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