The best camping deals in REI's 4th of July sale – why wait for Amazon Prime Day?

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REI has launched its 4th of July sale early, with big discounts on a huge array of outdoor gear for your summer adventures. This year's sale features some particularly great offers on tents and camping equipment, so we've rounded up our pick of the best offers for you right here.

All offers end on 4th of July, and some of the most popular deals are likely to sell out sooner. We've already seen some tents go out of stock, so don't wait if you see something you want.

If you'd rather check out all the deals, you can also browse the full REI 4th July sale yourself. Some deals are exclusively for members, but membership is only $30 for life, so it could easily pay for itself.

REI Co-op Base Camp 6 Tent:$549$329.39 at REISave $219.61

REI Co-op Base Camp 6 Tent: $549 $329.39 at REI
Save $219.61 Looking for a new family tent? This 3-4 season 6-person model is seriously tough and sturdy for camping adventures in all weathers. Includes two vestibules for gear, large doors, two roof vents, and full-coverage polyester rainfly.

REI Co-op Flash 3 Tent:$499$299.39 at REISave $199.61

REI Co-op Flash 3 Tent: $499 $299.39 at REI
Save $199.61 There's almost $200 off this three-person tent in REI's 4 July sale. It's a great option for backpacking, weighing under 4lb packed, and is designed to give you as much interior space as possible, with nearly vertical walls.

REI Co-op Flash 2 Tent:$399$239.39 at REISave $159.61

REI Co-op Flash 2 Tent: $399 $239.39 at REI
Save $159.61 Similar in construction to the three-person tent above, but a little more compact. Get almost $160 off the Flash 2 in REI's sale, with two large doors and a surprising amount of headroom.

REI Co-op Trailmade 2 Backpacking Bundle:$349$209.39 at REISave $139.61

REI Co-op Trailmade 2 Backpacking Bundle: $349 $209.39 at REI
Save $139.61 Want to get into backpacking? This set includes a two-person tent that's easy to pitch by yourself, a self-inflating sleeping pad to keep you warm, and a snug mummy-style sleeping bag - all with over $100 off.

REI Co-op Half Dome SL 2+ Tent: $329$197.39 at REISave $131.61

REI Co-op Half Dome SL 2+ Tent: $329 $197.39 at REI
Save $131.61 This two-person tent is great value in REI's 4 July sale. It's over 1lb lighter than the previous model, offers an impressive amount of living space, and even comes with a footprint.

REI Co-op Trail Hut 4 Tent:$299$179.39 at REISave $119.61

REI Co-op Trail Hut 4 Tent: $299 $179.39 at REI
Save $119.61 For families, this four-person tent is a bargain. Like the Half Dome SL above, it comes with its own footprint so there's no need to buy one separately, and has a packed weight of just over 8lb. 

REI Co-op Screen House Shelter:$299$179.39 at REISave $119.61

REI Co-op Screen House Shelter: $299 $179.39 at REI
Save $119.61 A great addition to your car camping setup, this shelter gives you a space to eat and have fun without worrying about bugs or sunburn. A great option for families, especially with over $100 off.

REI Co-op Trailgate Vehicle Shelter:$149$89.39 at REISave $59.61

REI Co-op Trailgate Vehicle Shelter: $149 $89.39 at REI
Save $59.61 This shelter attaches to your SUV or truck to give you a nice sheltered space to chill out. It's shady, waterproof, and roomy enough for four camping chairs. At under $90, it's a great deal.

REI Co-op Trailbreak Tarp:$79.95$47.89 at REISave $32.06

REI Co-op Trailbreak Tarp: $79.95 $47.89 at REI
Save $32.06 It's hard to overstate the usefulness of a good tarp, and this one is almost half price right now. Great for pitching over a bivy, tent, hammock, or for shade and shelter anywhere.

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