Garmin watch showing you the wrong workouts? Now there's a fix

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Garmin has rolled out a new beta software update that resolves 10 bugs, including one that meant the wrong suggested workout sometimes appeared in the daily Morning Report.

Beta software version 11.28 is rolling out now to owners of Garmin Fenix 7, Enduro 2,Marq 2,  Epix (Gen 2), and Quatix 7 watches who are enrolled in the company's public beta testing program.

As Notebookcheck explains, the update also solves a bug that meant the watch would sometimes power down when you tried to make a contactless purchase using Garmin Pay, or when receiving a smart notification from your phone.

Once the update is installed, you should no longer receive a false warning that you've reached the maximum number of sport profiles on your watch, or run into problems when trying to add a custom sport profile for an activity that isn't already covered by Garmin's preset options.

There are also a couple of fixes related to your watch's PulseOx (SpO2) sensor. Previously, if you placed the PulseOx glance inside a folder to keep it organized, the text may be cut off. The app would also sometimes fail to update on screen while you took a reading. The update resolves both of these issues.

Join the beta program

If you want to be the latest to try out new software updates, take a look at our guides how to join Garmin's public beta testing program, and reasons why you should (and shouldn't) install beta software on your watch.

Bear in mind that with any beta software, there's a chance that you might encounter further bugs along the way. Garmin hasn't said that this is a RC (release candidate) update, so it's not likely to roll out to all users for a little while yet.

For more info, check out the full release notes on Garmin's forums.

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