More Garmin Instinct 2X pictures leak – and this time, it's tactical

Hiker in forest checking GPS watch
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More pictures of the upcoming Garmin Instinct 2X have leaked online, this time showing a special Tactical Edition of the watch designed with armed forces personnel in mind. It looks like the new device will feature a flashlight, plus many of the same specialist features Garmin's other tactical timepieces, such as a night vision mode that makes the face easier to read with night vision goggles, and a stealth mode that disables wireless communications.

Earlier this week, I spotted a mention of the Instinct 2X Tactical Edition on the website of authorized Garmin dealer Jura Watches. There were no images, and the descriptive text appeared to be a placeholder, but it was the first sign that several versions of the extra-large watch would be available.

There's still no release date confirmed for the Garmin Instinct 2X, but the increasing pace of leaks suggests that it might be ready for launch soon. This latest set of images comes from Roland Quandt, who writes for German tech site WinFuture, specializing in 'retail intelligence'.

Although there have been no images to date, it's possible that there may also be a version of the Instinct 2X specifically for emergency medical personnel on the way. I recently spotted a reference to a special EMS Edition of the watch on Garmin's own UK website (though the image and text description seem to be placeholders).

Either way, the Instinct 2X looks set to be Garmin's biggest watch to date, and it clearly means business. I'll continue to listen out for more details and bring you further information as soon as I have it.

Cat Ellis

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