My favorite Saucony running shoes just got a dazzling makeover for fall

Saucony Women's Ride 16 shoe with Vizipro
(Image credit: Saucony)

Saucony has given four of its most popular road running shoes a new look for winter, with a super reflective blue Vizipro finish that'll help make sure you're visible while training after dark.

The new blue Vizipro lineup includes four of Saucony's most popular models: the Triumph 21, Ride 16, Kinvara 14, and my personal favorite, the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3. If you're looking for something super springy road shoe but can't justify the expense of a carbon shoe, these have a lightweight nylon plate that performs the same function for a much more affordable price.

Fall is arguably the best time for running, with cooler temperatures keeping you comfortable and the beauty of turning leaves and misty mornings to enjoy, but shortening days mean you'll probably end up doing at least some of your regular sessions in the dark.

Running headlamps and other lights will help make sure you're visible to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, but reflective clothing makes an enormous difference too. At my running club, we don't let anyone take part in an evening session without something high-viz, and those who turn up wearing black have to wear the neon pink tabard of shame. 

Reflective shoes are a particularly smart choice, highlighting your feet and making it clear that you're a runner rather than a cyclist. These particular ones look great during the day too. Prices range from $120 for the Kinvara 14, through to $170 for the Endorphin Speed 3.

Cat Ellis

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