New Garmin Forerunner 965 leak suggests a fresh new look and boosted battery life

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Details of the rumored Garmin Forerunner 965 watch continue to emerge. The latest snippets of info suggest that the new wearable will offer far longer battery life than its predecessor despite its upgraded screen, plus some fun new colorways to liven up your workouts.

The latest details were spotted by Flo of Fitness Tracker Test, and the anonymous author of the5krunner. They come from an online golf store that seems to have prematurely posted listings for both the Garmin Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265.

Retailer 5 Under Golf appears to have taken down its page for the Forerunner 965, but not before it was cached by Google. As the5krunner notes, the text is strewn with typos, so it's important to take the information it contains with a grain of salt, but it does offer some tantalizing hints about what might be on the way.

As other leaks have suggested, 5 Under Golf's listing claims that the Forerunner 965 will have an AMOLED display. This would be a big upgrade from the memory-in-pixel screen of the Forerunner 955, offering better visibility in all lighting conditions, sharper text and graphics, and the possibility of animated on-screen workouts.

The listing also gives us our first glimpse of what may be the watch's final design. Perhaps most interestingly, the Forerunner 965 appears to have a metal bezel, which may mean it's compatible with Garmin's new ECG app.

Color theories

The colors are also intriguing. Until now, Garmin's higher-end watches have mostly been quite tasteful and sedate, but it looks like the company may be branching out into some more exciting schemes – possibly due to the popularity of the zestier shades in the Instinct 2 lineup. Options for the Forerunner 965 seem to include whitestone and powder gray, black and powder gray, and a striking amp yellow and black.

As proof that this page is still a work in progress, alongside preview images showing the new colorways, 5 Under Golf has posted a QR code that leads to a YouTube channel designed to give retailers information about Garmin products so they can give better advice to customers. There's nothing confidential and it's all information that'll be useful to watch owners too, but that's quite a big oops.

In terms of training tools, it sounds as though the Forerunner 965 will be very similar to the 955. However, as Flo notes, it appears that the new watch may offer far superior battery life, lasting up to 23 days in smartwatch mode compared to 15 days for last year's watch.

None of these details have been confirmed yet, but it's interesting to see which details line up with ones we've seen before, and which are new. We'll continue to listen out for new information and keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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