Pictures of new Garmin watch leak – and we're seriously excited

Trail runner checking her GPS watch
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Images showing the long-awaited Garmin Vivomove Trend sports watch have appeared online, and they reveal some interesting new info about the upcoming hybrid sports watch.

The Vivomove Trend has been on our radar ever since a list of upcoming Garmin watches was leaked by an authorized retailer last year, and it's been approved for sale by in the US by the Federal Communications Commission, but this is our first glimpse of what it's likely to actually look like.

The images (which we won't post here for copyright reasons) can be found on German tech site

The watch looks very similar to the Garmin Vivomove 3, with a hybrid face featuring both physical hands and a digital display for your workout stats. The digital screen is still a monochrome OLED unit, but appears to have a higher resolution for crisper text and graphics.

Like the Vivomove 3, the Trend appears to have a resin case with a stainless steel bezel, and no physical buttons. The leaked images show three colorways: black, rose gold with an ivory band, and soft gold with a beige band.

One of the biggest differences is that the hour markers appear to be engraved on the metal bezel rather than on the face. This has made room for numbers to be positioned on the face for easier reading at a glance, and gives the watch a more classic look.

Ditch the cable

The most exciting feature, however, is the addition of wireless charging. We spotted details of this in documents published by the FCC late last year suggested that this feature would be coming to the Vivomove Trend, and it has now been confirmed by the leaked images, which show the words 'wireless charging' printed on the case back. Presumably the watch will sit on top of an Apple Watch style charging puck rather than requiring you to plug in a cable.

Hopefully that's a feature that will come to more Garmin watches in the near future. We'll keep our ear to the ground and bring you more details as soon as we have them. Can't wait that long? Check out our roundup of the best Garmin watches for reviews and ratings of all the latest models.

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