Record a run with your Garmin watch today to get a special badge

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June 7 is Global Running Day, and to celebrate Garmin is giving you a special celebratory badge if you record a running activity with your watch. Garmin badges rarely earn you anything other then a warm sense of self-satisfaction, but they're nice to have, and this one will earn you an extra point to help you level up (not that levels mean much either, but it's a matter of pride).

Unlike the Global Cycling Day badge, which could be earned doing any activity at all on June 3 (I got mine during a half marathon) the Running Day does require you to take part in the proper activity. No cheating by doing a five-minute breathing exercise.

However, it doesn't matter whether you hit the trails or just head out for a jog from your front door; any running activity  tracked with your Garmin watch will do.

Garmin Global Running Day badge

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To see most of the Garmin badges you can currently earn, tap your profile picture in the Garmin Connect app, select 'All Badges' and tap 'Available'. If you've got the bug, take a look at our guide to 23 easy Garmin badges you can earn this weekend. You will probably have some of them already, but there are also plenty of others that you can snag with minimal effort.

If you're feeling sneaky, the Garmin Badges Database lists all badges available now and in the near future, including some that are specific to particular countries. These can be 'earned' by switching your location in your Garmin account's settings. 

The next special badge you can earn legitimately is the Global Wellness Day award, which you'll get for completing any activity this Saturday, June 10.

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