Suunto teams up with Mammut for limited edition mountain-ready watch

Suunto X Mammut Vertical Titanium
(Image credit: Suunto)

Suunto has launched a new limited edition version of its Vertical GPS watch in partnership with outdoor gear brand Mammut. The Suunto x Mammut Vertical Titanium has the same hardware as the original Vertical, with a new blaze orange band to coordinate with Mammut's Eiger Extreme mountaineering equipment.

This isn't Mammut's first foray in the world of watches. In October 2022, the company teamed up with Casio for a special edition Pro Trek watch. The Casio Pro Trek PRW-61MA was made from a mixture of bioplastics (derived from beans and corn) and recycled polyurethane bottles, with an ion-plated stainless steel bezel.

The Suunto Vertical has similarly green credentials. Suunto uses 100% renewable energy, has minimized its carbon emissions as much as possible, and offsets the rest through reforestation projects that promote biodiversity. 

Vertical reality

When I tested the Suunto Vertical earlier this year, I was particularly impressed by its excellent offline maps, which are designed to help you navigate in remote areas without a phone signal. The watch's clear screen and great in-app route planner make it easy to plot your hike or run, and get turn-by-turn directions along the way. The app has a built-in heatmap that lets you see popular routes, which helps make sure you're plotting a sensible course and not something that winds through routes other explorers avoid.

Of course you should never completely rely on a watch when hiking, climbing and trail running (knowing how to read a map and how to use a compass is essential), but it's still a very useful tool.

The Suunto Vertical boasts extra long battery life as well, making it an excellent option for multi-day adventures. I took it for a week of camping, and it happily tracked all my hikes long after my Garmin Fenix 7 had run flat.

Cat Ellis

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