Your trusty fleece and rain pants are the height of fashion, according to Vogue

Hikers posing on a mountain
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Gorp (standing for good ol' raisins and peanuts) is in style this summer according to Vogue. Writer Irene Kim, who can usually be found covering catwalk trends, has been keeping an expert eye on 2022 street style and determined that waterproofs and hiking boots are this month's hottest trend. It had to happen eventually, right?

Of course, we're not quite talking about a standard base layer with a lingering scent of campfire smoke here.

"The [Gorpcore] look relies on fashionable campwear, including oversized nylon cargos, dad sneakers, and designer windbreakers, and Japanese brands like White Mountaineering, Sacai, and Engineered Garments have been refining it since well before all of us started overusing the word," Kim explains.

Gorpcore has been quietly simmering away for several years now (in January 2019, singer Frank Ocean was spotted wearing a bright orange Mammut puffer jacket at a fashion show in Paris), so there's a chance that it might be here to stay for a while yet.

Just last month, Lululemon released its first range of hiking gear, with an eye on both practicality and style, and last week saw the launch of a range of fun but expensive Xbox camping equipment.

Trends pass, of course, but now you can be quietly smug in the knowledge that you were wearing rain pants and gaiters before they were cool.

Cat Ellis

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