This $180 saving on a GPS Apple Watch 7 is one of Black Friday’s best bargains

Apple Watch Series 7
Amazon is offering over 33% off the 45mm, GPS + Cellular model (Image credit: Apple)

With Black Friday seemingly turning into Black November, you can already find some amazing deals, such as this one on Amazon for the red GPS + Cellular, 45mm version of the Apple Watch Series 7 – down from $529 to $349. That’s a saving of $180, or just over a third of the list price.

So if you don’t have a craving for the latest Apple Watch Ultra – or baulk at its $799 price tag – you can snap up its 2021 predecessor for less than half the price. And believe us, it offers considerably more than half the functionality. The Series 7 Apple Watch also offers pretty much the same features as the Series 8 with GPS and cellular (at $499) bar a couple of features. It’s also bigger, if that matters to you!

And this offer is available in any color the customer wants, as long as it's red (to paraphrase Henry Ford).

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular, Red:$529$349 at AmazonSave $180

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular, Red: $529 $349 at Amazon
Save $180 This is a great deal on a watch that may be last year’s model but which still has an impressive range of features that means it’s still very much in contention with the all the other current GPS sport watches out there. And it’s big and red.

The Apple Watch Series 7 has an 18-hour battery life and a large screen that really helps if you use your watch for its health and fitness features. It’s a reliable fitness tracker and one of the best running watches out there, monitoring your heart rate, counting your steps and tracking your mileage with GPS. It can also automatically work out if you’re on your bike rather than running. The large display makes it easy to view mid-exercise metrics at a glance.

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