Get the Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar for its lowest ever price at Amazon

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Today, you can pick up the Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar for just $401.47 at Amazon. That's a saving of almost $100 off the list price, and the cheapest this extra tough hybrid watch has ever been.

The Garmin Instinct Crossover is a seriously tough watch with both a digital display for your health and workout stats, and physical hands that give it the look of a more traditional field watch.

When I tested it in January this year, I was impressed by how well this interface works, with the hands cleverly integrating with the digital screen to make viewing data and menus easier. Its GPS is excellent too, and battery life is superb, lasting weeks between charges, and with regular exposure to sunlight this solar edition will keep running even longer.

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Garmin Instinct Crossover SOlar:$499.99$401.47 at AmazonSave $98.52

Garmin Instinct Crossover SOlar: $499.99 $401.47 at Amazon
Save $98.52 The Instinct Crossover is Garmin's take on the classic field watch, combining the best of both analog and digital timepieces. Its super long battery life makes it great for multi-day adventures. This deal applies to the graphite colorway.

The Instinct Crossover supports a huge range of sports straight out of the box, including different forms of running, hiking, swimming, cycling, and watersports – and thanks to a recent software update, you can add assault courses to the list. It doesn't just track time and distance either; you'll get detailed stats that are specific to each activity.

The only area where the Instinct Crossover doesn't excel is maps. Although you can load courses onto the watch using the Garmin Connect app, the analog hands mean you'll have a hole in the middle of your map when viewing it on-screen. In all other respects though, this is a great watch for outdoor explorers, and will give you many years of use even in seriously tough conditions.

If you're not in the US, here are the best deals on the Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar where you are.

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