Casio's new rugged G-Shock watches are a blast of retro nostalgia

White and black Casio G-Shock watches
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has launched a trio of new G-Shock watches that borrow design cues from one the company's classic timepieces. The new G-Shock GMAS2200 series are rugged outdoor watches well suited to camping and hiking, with looks reminiscent of the enormously popular GA2100.

Like the GA2100 (also known as the CasioOak among fans), each of the three new watches has an octagonal faces with a dual digital/analog display. However, the design has been slimmed down to make it a better fit for women's wrists

Unlike the best GPS watches, the GMAS2200 range won't track your hikes and trail runs, or offer turn-by-turn directions. For that, you'll want something like the G-Squad Pro, which is powered by Google Wear OS and comes with Google Maps installed. However, the new series still have plenty to offer hikers, campers, and trail runners.

Tough stuff

They have 20 bar water resistance, making them suitable for depths of up to 200m (twice that of most sports watches), and are magnetic and shock resistant. Each watch's case is made from tough resin, with scratch-resistant mineral glass protecting the face. The internal components are protected by Casio's Carbon Core Guard structure, helping them shrug off drops and knocks.

You'll get three-year battery life (handy for spending long stretches off-grid), and there's a dual LED backlight for visibility after dark.

We don't yet have a precise release date, but the SMAS2200 series is expected to go on sale later this month for $130 (about £105).

Cat Ellis

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