Free software update brings 12 new tweaks and fixes for your Garmin watch

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Garmin is well known for supporting its running watches with new software long after release, and the company has just launched its first update of February 2024. Software beta version 16.16 is available now for watches in the Fenix 7 series, as well as the Enduro 2, Epix (Gen 2), Quatix 7, and Marq (Gen 2).

Some software updates only make a couple of changes, but this is a particularly hefty one that makes a dozen tweaks and improvements to the way your watch works. As Alex Alderson of Notebookcheck explains, this includes fixing some bugs discovered in the previous beta software version, 16.13, launched last month.

For example, Garmin recently introduced the ability to undo accidental presses of the lap button during workouts, but the notification that a lap had been deleted didn't always leave the screen in a timely way. This has now been fixed, as has a problem where the number of reps completed in the new jump rope activity didn't appear on the activity history page.

The update also resolves several issues that could cause the watch to crash unexpectedly, as well as one that stopped personal records (such as speed and distance) being generated during swimming activities.

Translations have been updated for improved accuracy, and interestingly, Garmin has removed the 'Find my phone' function during GPS activities.

How to install the update

Unlike some beta software updates, this one won't be pushed out to all testers automatically. Instead, you'll have to download it manually by holding the menu button on your watch and going to System > Software Update > Check for Updates. It's important to remember that for the time being, installing beta software on your Fenix 7 watch will disable the ECG app, so you might choose to skip it for now. Check out Garmin's forum post for full release notes and details.

Installing beta software updates is a great way to try new features first, before they roll out to everyone, but there's always the risk that it might contain bugs and prevent your watch working as it should. If you're thinking about it, take a look at our list of reasons why you should and shouldn't install beta software on your watch.

Want to go ahead? Our guide to joining Garmin's public beta testing program will get you started. It's extremely straightforward.

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