Get $55 off the Garmin inReach Mini satellite communicator today

Hiker with Garmin inReach Mini device on backpack
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Right now, you can pick up the Garmin inReach Mini satellite communicator for just $289.99 at Amazon – a saving of $55 off the retail price. This is a renewed model, meaning it's been refurbished by experts to make sure it's good as new, inspected, tested, and guaranteed.

A satellite communicator like the inReach Mini will let you stay in touch with friends and family, and summon emergency help even in areas with no cellular connectivity. If you need help, you can use the device to send an SOS to Garmin's emergency contact center, which can pinpoint your location via GPS, and will liaise with mountain rescue and other services around the world to assist you.

If you're not in the US, scroll down for the best Garmin inReach deals near you. You'll also need a Garmin nReach subscription to use all the device's features.


Garmin inReach Mini: $344.99 $289.99 at Amazon
Save $55 This little satellite communicator could be invaluable when you're exploring the backcountry, or anywhere else with limited cellular connectivity. This is a renewed unit, which means it's been refurbished, tested, and is guaranteed to work just like new.

We've been hoping to see some good deals on the inReach Mini since the launch of the even smaller inReach Mini 2 earlier this year, and this is the best we've seen so far. If you order it now, it should be with you in time for Christmas.

Over 10,000 people have used inReach devices to summon emergency help over the last 10 years, with the biggest group of whom were backpackers and hikers, so it's a wise addition to your backcountry checklist.

If you're not in the US, here are the best Garmin inReach deals near you:

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