"Don't rely on anything with a battery" officials warn hikers as winter approaches

Hiker with broken phone in the mountains
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As the winter approaches, officials from New Hampshire Fish and Game have warned hikers not to rely on any gear that requires a battery other than a flashlight, and to always carry spare batteries for that.

While tools like a GPS watch and emergency beacon can be useful when you're exploring outdoors, they should never completely replace a map and compass, and emergency whistle.

As WMUR Manchester reports, anyone adventuring outdoors during the colder months is also advised to pack extra food and water, and wear clothing suitable for the weather with sufficient layers. 

New Hampshire Fish and Game, which organizes rescue operations for hikers and climbers who find themselves in trouble, recommends sticking to the Hiker Responsibility Code, which is a list of guidelines designed to help walkers of all abilities stay safe outdoors.

Preparation is key

The code gives six things that hikers should take responsibility for before heading out: having the right knowledge and gear; leaving your plans with someone and telling them when you'll be back; staying together as a group; turning back if circumstances change; knowing how to save yourself in an emergency; and sharing the Hiker Responsibility Code with others.

The organization also reminds hikers to make sure they're carrying the 10 essentials for any expedition:

For more advice, see our guide hiking essentials: the must-have gear for any hike.

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