I'm an outdoor journalist and these are the deals I'll be looking for on Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Prime Day is coming soon – July 11 to 12 – with exclusive deals on everything you need for exploring the great outdoors. I’m already a member and it’s a great chance to grab a few pieces of get I’ve been thinking about buying for a while.

Below I've listed the specific items I'll be looking out for, and once the event rolls around. we'll be hand-picking all of this year's best Garmin deals, hiking deals, and camping deals so you don't have to hunt around Amazon yourself.

If you've not signed up for Amazon Prime yet, you can register for a free 30-day trial, which will see you through the event. If you don't want to commit, you can always cancel before the first payment leaves your account.

Running gear

Woman's feet wearing Saucony Endorphin Edge running shoes

I need a new pair of running shoes, so I'll be looking out for a deal on my favorite Saucony Endorphin Edge 

Top of my list is a replacement pair my favorite trail running shoes, the Saucony Endorphin Edge. I wear these shoes for most of my local trail runs and I’ve managed to get through two pairs over the last couple of years. I’m due a new pair and I’ve not found any other general trail running shoes that I like as much.

For hills, my other favorite trail running shoes are inov-8. I'm not too fussy, so long as they're graphene-soled. I'll set up an alert on my watchlist on the Amazon app to see what deals come along (find out how to set up alerts on your phone).

I’m running low on trail running socks, too. I tend to buy big batches of socks and then wear them until they end up with holes. The good thing about buying lots of socks and all in the same design and colour is that you avoid the issue of a graveyard of odd socks. However, on the other hand, the problem with buying lots of socks at one time is that you end up with all of the socks wearing thin at the same time so you need to replace multiple pairs at once.

Prime Day will be my chance to snap up some new running socks. I am not too fussy about which ones exactly, but I've found the 1000 Mile range to be long-lasting, just as the name implies.

And I am always on the look out for a new sports bra. The price of good quality sports bras is eye watering at times but it’s an essential item for us ladies. There are lots of different types of sports bras but my  wish is for a comfortable high impact bra for running.

tent for wild camping

I am keen to buy a new one-person tent (Image credit: Getty)

Bikepacking gear

Also on my Wishlist is a new lightweight one-person tent. I’ve been checking out this guide to the best one-person tents. Lightweight (less than 1kg), roomy and easy-to-assemble are my priorities. Hopefully the price will be more reasonable than normal in the Prime Day sales.

The reason for a new one-person tent is that I hope to do more bikepacking adventures in the coming year. I’ve a great set of bikepacking bags already but my current small tent is a bit tired. 

Another product that might crop up in the Prime day sales is a three-season lightweight sleeping bag.  Again, weight and size will be important, but so is price. 

Woman happy to be hiking

I'm keeping an eye on the Amazon Prime Day deals for next season's hiking kit (Image credit: Getty)

Gear for next season

As much as I don’t want to wish time away, it’s often a good idea to look ahead to the next season, whether autumn or winter, when hunting for current deals. 

A good quality winter waterproof jacket for hiking, hopefully made with Gore-Tex or similar,  new winter walking boots and a pair of fleeced-lined winter running tights are my top three products for the current Amazon Prime Day sales. 

Another product I’ve been thinking about for a while is an emergency beacon for hiking. These are not cheap and it would be good to find one that has a lighter price tag.

My other wishlist items for Amazon Prime Day are winter gloves. I suffer with Raynaud’s Syndrome so I’ll be keen to buy winter gloves for running, hiking, skiing, wild swimming and kayaking. That’s just a few pairs, then!

Thinking ahead, too, it's my husband's birthday later this year and it's a good chance to browse the deals for products to suit his hobbies of climbing and kayaking. 

Of course, I won’t end up buying all of the above items, but they are definitely products I’ll be keen to purchase if the price is right.

Fiona Russell
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Fiona Russell is a widely published adventure journalist and blogger, better known as Fiona Outdoors. She is based in Scotland and is an all-round outdoors enthusiast with favorite activities including trail running, mountain walking, mountain biking, road cycling, triathlon and skiing (both downhill and backcountry). Aside from her own adventures, Fiona's biggest aim is to inspire others to enjoy getting outside and exploring, especially through her writing. She is also rarely seen without a running skort! Find out more at Fiona Outdoors.